24 Great Tumblr Clients For Desktop and Mobile

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Tumblr is a great platform to share content with the world. You can easily access it via Tumblr.com but if you prefer a client that is more convenient, quicker and native to your machine, you’ll love our collection of Tumblr Clients. Tell us which one is your favorite from the list or suggest a new one:

intro 24 Great Tumblr Clients For Desktop and Mobile

Desktop Clients For Tumblr:

1. TumbleWeed:

One of the most popular desktop clients for Tumblr that allows you to write post, upload photos and save drafts to your Tumblr account. It is an AIR based client that works on both Windows and MAC.

2. AlertThingy:

Another AIR based client that lets you share stuff on your Tumblr right from your desktop. Supports both Windows and MAC. Combined with a cool RSS reader, it is all you need for your micro-blogging.

3. Posty:

Posty is another AIR based app that works on Windows, MAC and Linux. It allows you to post stuff to your Tumblr right from your desktop.

4. WinTumblr:

Probably the best Windows client for Tumblr. Lets you write posts, upload photos and videos from your desktop.

win 24 Great Tumblr Clients For Desktop and Mobile

5. MarsEdit:

A feature-rich and no-nonsense client for Mac. Allows you to upload media and posts easily to your Tumblr.

6. Kumblr:

Did somebody say Linux? Here is a great Tumblr client for your Linux machines. It doesn’t offer as many features as some other clients but is a very simple and to-the-point tool.

7. OpenTumblr:

Another cross-platform app for Tumblr. Simple to use with some advanced posting options.

8. Tumblr Widget:

If you are more into dashboard widgets, you will love this one. Make regular posts with HTML formatting or post photos and videos quickly to your Tumblr.

widget 24 Great Tumblr Clients For Desktop and Mobile

9. Grumblr:

A fine Tumblr companion for GNOME. Allows you to post messages, links, quotes, images and videos right fromy our desktop.

10. TumbleNote:

Another neat dashboard widget for Mac that allows you to share content on your Tumblr easily and quickly.

Web Clients:

11. HelloTxt:

A web-based client to update multiple social networks and blogs including Tumblr.

12. Postling:

Manage your Tumblr and others blogs at the same time using Postling. Updating is quick and easy with a lot of additional features.

postling 24 Great Tumblr Clients For Desktop and Mobile

Mobile Clients For Tumblr:

13. aTumble:

A Tumblr client for your Android phone to let you easily post messages, photos and videos to your Tumblr.

14. Stumblr:

If you are using a Symbian phone, Stumblr lets you post content to your Tumblr without any hassle.

15. TumbleAddict:

It doesn’t really let you post content but is an excellent app to reblog and like Tumblr content using your iPhone.

16. Tumblr For iPhone:

A great iPhone app to post quotes, links, photos and videos to your Tumbelog.

iphone 24 Great Tumblr Clients For Desktop and Mobile

17. iView:

iPhone app to view and share photos in your Tumblr dashboard.

18. Rotzy:

Capture photos from your iPhone and easily upload them to your Tumblr account.

19. Tumblroid:

Another great Android based client for Tumblr. In addition to all the regular admin functions, it also lets you save and edit drafts.

Browser Add-Ons For Tumblr:

20. Tumblr Dashboard:

Access Tumblr dashboard from your browser with this Google Chrome extension. Create new content right from your toolbar.

chrome 24 Great Tumblr Clients For Desktop and Mobile

21. Tumblr Post:

If you are a Firefox fan, you can use Tumblr Post to share links, photos and videos on your Tumblelog.

22. ShareAholic:

Another great Firefox add-on to manage Tumblr. Post stuff right from your browser without any hassle.

23. Tombloo:

A Firefox add-on to post to Tumblr with a simple interface and rich features.

24. Zemanta:

Zemanta extensions are available for every browser and let you update Tumblr right from your browser.

pixel 24 Great Tumblr Clients For Desktop and Mobile

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