35 Basic Adobe Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners

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Adobe Lightroom is an excellent tool you can employ when working with images. The degree of manipulation and modification which can be done in Lightroom is just incredible. The software has tons of features which can help you do just about anything. Below are just a few tutorials to get you started:

1. An Overview Of The Library Module:

This tutorial focuses on the developments and improvements in the Library module. Discover how to navigate the latest Library layout, how to import, classify, and locate your images quickly.

2. An Overview Of The Develop Module:

This tutorial takes you for a tour of the revised Develop module in Lightroom 2.0. Julieanne Kost shows you how to create nondestructive restricted corrections with the latest Adjustment Brush and Graduated filter tools.

3. How To Export Photos In Lightroom:

This tutorial provides a synopsis of the revised Export options in Lightroom 2.0. Learn about blending with Photoshop, as well as updates to the Print, Slide show, and Web modules.

4. How To Import Photos In Adobe Lightroom:

This tutorial teaches you how to import your photos via the Library module.

5. Basics Of The Library Module:

Discover how to navigate the Library module with this tutorial. It reviews the Library panels and shows you how to use them to handle your pictures.

6. Rating and Reviewing Images In Lightroom:

Learn how to rate your photos in Lightroom so that you can effortlessly find your favorite images from a specific shoot.

7. How To Filter and Find Images:

Learn how to find your pictures fast with the Filter Bar in the Library module. Find out how to locate images based on diverse criteria like Attribute or Metadata.

8. Lightroom Basics: Collections and Keywords:

Discover how collections and keywords enhance output by making finding your favorite images easy.

9. Basics Of The Develop Module:

This tutorial gives a fast review of the Develop module and an introduction to the tools you’ll use most frequently.

10. Tonal and Color Corrections:

This tutorial shows you how to apply the Develop module to do tonal and color corrections, the two kinds of edits you’ll do most regularly in Lightroom.

11. Basics Of Special Effects:

This tutorial shows you the special effects options in Lightroom that you can use to add finishing touches to your images.

12. Local Corrections:

Get an up-close look at the Adjustment Brush and other tools used to make contained corrections in Lightroom with this tutorial.

13, Basics Of Exporting:

This tutorial takes you on a tour of the Export dialog box in Lightroom. Find out about the various settings for exporting images as JPEG files or readying images for post-processing.

14. How To Transfer Photos From Lightroom To Photoshop:

This tutorial shows you how to move your photos from Lightroom to Photoshop for fine-tuning. You’ll also discover how to set preferences for editing in Photoshop.

15. Basics Of The Output Modules:

This tutorial gives you an overview of the three output modules: Web, Slideshow, and Print. Assess the common features of the three modules, and how to use them to output your work.

16. Basics Of The Slideshow Module:

Learn how to use the Slideshow module to make presentations of your images. Discover how to modify your slideshow layout and other customizations.

17. Basics Of The Print Module:

Find out how Lightroom takes printing to the next height. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Print module to output your pictures.

18. Basics Of The Web Module:

Learn how to use the Web module to issue your photos to a modified web gallery. This tutorial shows you how publishing to the web is an easy task that doesn’t need any coding.

19. How To Use The Template Browser:

This tutorial teaches you to modify how your images print using the Template Browser. Discover how to use the Layout Engine and the range of layout templates included with Lightroom.

20. How To Customize a Template In Lightroom:

Learn how to customize the layout templates included with Lightroom. Change image settings such as zoom and brush strokes. Change layout settings like margins and cell size.

21. Guides and Overlay Panels:

Learn how to use the Guides panel to show or hide guides. Then, discover how to use the Overlay panel to add overlay options such as an Identity Plate.

22. Using The Picture Package Layout Engine:

See how to create custom layouts using the Picture Package Layout Engine in Lightroom. Add images to a picture package, resize them, and then organize the layout.

23. How To Use The Print Job Panel:

Use the Print Job panel to print your image layouts to a printer or to a JPEG file. Discover the different print options available for both output formats.

24. How To Soften Skin Using Lightroom:

This Lightroom video tutorial focuses on the use of the Soften Skin Brush.

25. Using Batch Operations:

This video tutorial focuses on some of the batch operation features of Lightroom.

26. How To Use The Adjustment Brush:

This Lightroom video tutorial focuses on the use of the Adjustment Brush.

27. How To Convert Color Photos To Black and White:

Discover how to switch from color to black and white using Photoshop Lightroom in this quick 2 minute video tutorial.

28. Remove Unwanted Items From Your Images:

Discover how to use the spot removal tool to get rid of unwanted items from your images in Photoshop Lightroom 2.0.

29. Overview Of The Redeye Tool:

This is a short video tutorial on using the Redeye tool in the Develop Module of Lightroom.

redeye 35 Basic Adobe Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners

30. Controlling Vibrance and Saturation in Lightroom:

This video tutorial shows a contrast between the Saturation and Vibrance sliders and in particular the negative effect a Saturation boost has on the highlight channel clipping. It also goes on to show how to restore detail using targeted HSL adjustments and finally, an example of where screen preview color management may crumble and how to relate the Vibrance adjustments you make in the Develop module to the actual final print.

thirty2 35 Basic Adobe Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners

31. Using The Graduated Filter:

This is a short video tutorial on the use of the Graduated Filter.

thirtyone1 35 Basic Adobe Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners

32. Creating an Invert Tone Curve:

The default Lightroom Develop panel settings don’t contain an invert tone curve for changing a negative image into a positive, but it is possible to create one of your own. There are numerous ways you can do this and the technique demonstrated in this video tutorial is the simplest you can use to create a custom invert setting.

thirtytwo1 35 Basic Adobe Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners

33. Exposure and Brightness Adjustments:

This video tutorial the difference between using the Exposure and Brightness sliders are explained. The first segment shows a basic introduction where I use the Exposure slider first and then adjust the remaining Basic panel settings. A demo of the use of a strong negative Exposure adjustment is also explained. This is followed by an example of why an Exposure led image adjustment will produce an image with better image detail in the midtone to highlight areas compared to a Brightness slider led adjustment.

thirtythree1 35 Basic Adobe Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners

34. Retouching Photos With Lightroom’s Brush Tool

This video tutorial explores numerous techniques for changing the exposure, softening the skin and altering the color characteristics of a single person.

thirtyfour1 35 Basic Adobe Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners

35. Watermarking For Web With LR2/Mogrify

This step-by-step tutorial solves the problem of post process plug-ins not being available in the Web Module.

thirtyfive1 35 Basic Adobe Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners

pixel 35 Basic Adobe Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners

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