7 Hand-Picked Free Browsers for Kids

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With the growing number of websites and multimedia content on the internet, it is not a safe world out there for kids if you let them use a regular browser like IE ir Firefox. In addition to inappropriate content, kids can also accidentally click on malware and spamware and harm the computer.

Gladly, there are browsers out there that are built specially for kids and have a plethora of parental control features to make sure your kid has a safe browsing experience. There are a lot of kids browsers, add-ons and internet filters available, but the list below contains the top hand-picked and free browsers that are safest for your kids and lightest on your wallet:

1. KidZui:

KidZui is a free web browser and search engine for kids that eliminates the need for additional parental controls. In addition to providing safe browsing, it also has a kid-safe search feature and a large variety of websites, games, videos and photos for kids to enjoy. Kids can even customize the look of their browser with different themes and share content with their friends.

kidzui 7 Hand Picked Free Browsers for Kids

2. Kido’z:

Kidoz is another browser for kids that allows parents to add content that their kids can enjoy. They can upload new content for their kids, select user interface, choose content languages, enhance security settings and allow/disallow content. Kidoz blocks all sorts of links and scripts that lead to unapproved sites. Download Kidoz here.

kidoz 7 Hand Picked Free Browsers for Kids

3. Zac Browser:

Zac is a free browser made for children with autism and autism spectrum disorders. It focuses on children’s interaction and is an effective tool for kids with low, medium and high functioning autism. It engages them through games and a number of activities targeted towards children with autism.

zac 7 Hand Picked Free Browsers for Kids

4. Kid Rocket:

Kid Rocket is another free browser for kids that allows kids to visit only a selected number of websites. It is 100% free of any spamware and adware and works as a stand alone application. It has a neat and simple interface that is easy to use for kids.

kidrocket 7 Hand Picked Free Browsers for Kids

5. Buddy Browser:

Buddy Browser is another free browser for kids that provides a safe environment for kids to browse and search the internet. In addition to tons of pre-approved websites, Buddy Browser also has set of activities for specific group ages. It is 100% spam free and does not display any ads to protect you kids.

buddybrowser 7 Hand Picked Free Browsers for Kids

6. PikLuk:

PikLuk offers safe browsing and email functionalities for your kids. It also helps keep your computer safe because as long as your Kids are on the PikLuk browser they cannot access any other part of the computer.

pikluk 7 Hand Picked Free Browsers for Kids

7. Tuki:

Tuki is another browser for kids with a cartoon interface that they will love. Besides granting access to only pre-approved sites, Tuki also lets animated cartoon characters interact with kids and has a variety of parental controls to ensure your kid has a safe browsing experience.

tuki 7 Hand Picked Free Browsers for Kids

pixel 7 Hand Picked Free Browsers for Kids

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User Comments

  1. Jim
    July 8, 2009

    Great List- Thanks!

  2. wolly
    July 10, 2009

    Great list , we actually knew all of them except of Kidoz which seems to be the favorite by our kids and I think for a good reason.



  3. MomsWorld
    September 11, 2009

    KidZui… First on this list… #1 on my daughters list as well.
    Best kid browser around…

  4. deepam
    September 29, 2010

    kid zui is the best browser

  5. grant
    October 26, 2010

    I’m 10 and my brother is 6 and we both love it. we use it for everything.

  6. Jennifer
    May 27, 2011

    Wow, I didn’t even know these were out there! I can’t wait to share, I know there are quite a few parent friends of mine who would love having options for allowing their kids to explore online.