Huntsy Makes Job Hunting Easy

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Job hunting is an uphill task for most of us, especially keeping up the record of different firms that you have applied for, alternative copies of your resume to fulfill the criteria outlined by different organizations and your biographical information. Making the process of seeking employment easier for people, Huntsy gives prospective job applicants a chance to organize their information and use it effectively to target their applications at job listings in the site’s database.

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For signing up, the site offers you the option to sign up using your social networking accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can sign up using your email address which will then act as your login for future use.

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Once the sign up process is complete, the job hunting site will ask you to install a Huntsy extension in the browser you are using. You can even add Huntsy’s bookmarklet with the help of which you can mark employment opportunities that you come across on different websites. The bookmarklet, though useful in copying the job description in your Huntsy account, does not work successfully on every website. Its success rate on LinkedIn is very impressive but on other sites like Craigslist, it does not work as smoothly. In the case of such sites, you can use the manual method and the information will be submitted on the site, adding it to your list of job openings.

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