Track8: Far Ahead Of iPad’s Built-in Music Player

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Almost every iPad user will vouch for the amazing technological wonder the Apple tablet has proven itself to be. However, even with its trademark Apple features, iPad has failed to impress many in one area – its official music player app. Now that will become the least of your worries with Track8, a recent addition to the world of iPad’s music player apps. Unlike iPad’s own music player, Track8 brings forth a stylish user interface which can easily be customized as per your taste with the available themes and wallpapers in the app’s theme library.

Created by Ender Labs, Track8 displays all the albums in your music player in the form of thumbnails, thus allowing you to explore any album with the help of just one tap. The album thumbnails are sorted in terms of history, newly added albums and the ones that you play the most.

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The quickest way to find a particular song on the music player is to tap on the magnifying glass icon on the top right side of the screen. The icon leads to a search bar on which you can type the name of the song you are searching for and find it in seconds. The app boasts of 13 different types of wallpapers, and pulls the artists’ images from What adds to the experience of listening to songs on Track8 is the way the artists’ pictures form the background of your screen till their songs are being played.

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Track8 for iPad can be downloaded for $1.99 from iTunes.

Courtesy: AppAdvice

pixel Track8: Far Ahead Of iPads Built in Music Player

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