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The good old days of transferring images or other files from mobile devices to computers or other mobile devices required users to take the route of USB data cables, pretty much killing the concept of wireless. Bluetooth made life easier with its non-reliance on wires, but it requires an additional adapter for many systems. But what if you could transfer images from your iOS or Android device with the help of just one Bump – not only in the literal sense of the word but while using an amazingly innovative image transferring app by the same name.

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Once you download and launch Bump in your iOS or Android mobile device, the process is fairly simple. In the beginning, the app will prompt you to give permission to access your current location, your mobile device and your contact list, after which you are free to go to the photo section of the app. After seeking your permission to access files on your mobile device, the app will display all the images present in your device’s memory including those that you may have snapped with the device’s in-built camera, transferred from other devices or downloaded from the internet.

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While originally Bump offered data transferring option from mobile device to mobile device, it now allows users to so the same between their mobile devices and computers. All you need to do is to select the images you want to transfer to your computer and tap on them, following which you will see a tab with ‘Bump It Now’ written on it. The only difference is that in case of your computer, you just need to bump your cellphone with the spacebar on your computer’s keyboard.

Bump for Android is available on Google Play, while the iOS version can be downloaded from iTunes.

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