Women Are For Pinterest, Men Are For Gentlemint

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With women being 80 percent of the total users that Pinterest - the social networking giant in the making – boasts of, it is but natural for men to feel a little left out, especially considering the fact that most of the topics being trended on Pinterest are female-oriented. Understanding the need for a more manly social network that provides a comfort zone to male internet users where they can share things of their interest, Gentlemint has emerged as a response to Pinterest.

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A joint creation of Glen Stansbury and Brian McKinney, Gentlemint is pretty much a reply to Pinterest’s predominantly female demographics. As a first impression, the site may look and feel a lot like Pinterest itself, although its creators have managed to keep the layout colors very subtle. In order to get started, the site requires interested users to request for an invite first, another feature that it has in common with Pinterest.

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Users can show their appreciation for a post by clicking on the┬ámustache icon, which serves as the ‘like’ button for the site. Sharing a webpage is very easy and can be done in two different ways. The first way of doing it is through the website itself. Once you sign in to your account, you can see the ‘Add to the mint’ tab on the top of your scree. Clicking on that, you will see a link search bar on the middle of the screen. Just copy and paste the webpage’s link in the link search bar and start searching for it.

Alternatively, you can save the ‘Mint It’ bookmarklet to your browser and press it whenever you come across a page worth sharing in order to share it on your Gentlemint account.

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